HOTC Scent Work Classes

HOTC offers a Pre-Novice class and a combined Novice & Master class based on AKC Scent Work standards.

Check the class schedule page for dates and times. 

Pre-novice Class - Beginner Dogs
You and your dog will be introduced to the sport of Scent Work. Three areas will be emphasized in this class: 1) Drive and motivation training, 2) Reading your dog, 3) Introduction to different search types. You will begin to develop a special working relationship and bond with your dog that will continue to grow as you advance through HOTC's Scent Work program.

Manners 101/Puppy Class is required for non-members and for members who have not titled a dog.

Novice & Master Class - Dogs on Odor

Novice participation - successful completion of Pre-Novice or talk with the instructor.

These are weekly classes. If a class is cancelled due the instructors being out of town at trials, the end-date will be extended.

Class space is limited so please fill out and send the registration form to the address on the form. Please do not come to a class unless you have received an email indicating that your registration for the class has been accepted.

For more information, contact:

Denise Edge, 205-807-4133

Mary Bankich, 256-651-4000

Beth Fitzgerald, 256-503-3831