HOTC Rally Classes

´╗┐Rally is a great sport, whether you are interested in formal obedience or just want to have fun while building a stronger relationship with your dog. The instructor sets up a course consisting of signs indicating the specific skill to be performed at each. At the Novice level, these skills may include sits, downs, circles, about-turns, weaving through cones and more, all performed on leash. At more advanced levels, the skills become more difficult and the dog must learn to work off leash. Rally is a sport which is open to dogs of all breeds. 

For more information about Rally click here to visit the AKC website.

Rally Skills (entry level class) - Prerequisite: Manners 101.
Students and their dogs are introduced to Novice-level Rally signs and learn how to perform the associated skills.

Rally Novice - Prerequisite: Beyond Manners.
Students utilize the knowledge gained in the Rally Skills class to work through Novice level courses under the guidance of their instructor. Dogs remain on leash throughout the class.

Rally Advanced - Prerequisite: Rally Novice
Students and their dogs learn how to perform Rally Advanced level skills and courses. Dogs will gradually progress to working through courses off-leash. Some Rally Excellent signs/skills will also be introduced.

Rally Excellent/Masters - Prerequisite: A Rally Title or skill level evaluation. Students and their dog will learn how to perform the skills required in Rally Excellent and Masters and practice working through Excellent and Masters level courses.