Gone, But Not Forgotten

MACH8 Givn Away To Me VCD1 - Border Collie
Dog Picture Abby earned her MACH7 on May 2, 2009, at the HOTC trial.
Owner: Frank Ferraiuolo

Ch. Windridge's Storm Warning AX, OAJ
- Rhodesian Ridgeback
Dog Picture Alex was born 6/17/95 and died 12/5/08.
Owner: Bruce Plaiss and Barbara Plaiss

Lonetree's Alabama Rose UD - Papillon
Dog Picture Ali is also finished with obedience classes, she (along with our other dogs) goes to nursing homes, schools, churches, and any other places that request us to show off her talents in obedience excercises and tricks, followed by lap time, petting, etc
Owner: Earl Anderson and Vivian Anderson

MACH6 Kelly's Awesome Andy CD - Shetland Sheepdog
Dog Picture
Owner: Kelly Hall

Gentry's Enchanted Garden CD, OA, OAJ - English Spring Spaniel
Dog Picture Ashley is half sister to my other ESS, Hailey. They both have the same sire CH Gentry-N-Roselane's Incognito, 'Sly'. Ashley was born November 30, 1998 in the suburbs of the 'Windy City'. She literally flew into our lives when she was 10 weeks old. Maybe that is why she is in perpetual motion, always into everything and wanting to do something all the time. We started with basic obedience and then moved to the sport of Agility, which she loves. All we need to do is get some focus in that energy. She also loves the water and her human daddy, Chuck. When she slows down enough to take a nap she wants in Daddy's lap. In his eyes, she does no wrong. She is bright, happy, incredibly spoiled and loves everyone young and old. She is a true joy in our lives.
Owner: Terri Campbell and Chuck Campbell

Aussie NA, NAJ, CGC - Australian Shepherd
Dog Picture
Owner: Sandy Lamb and Richard Lamb

Dog Picture MACH3 PACH Tryssie UDX8 PCDX PUTD OM1 GO VER MXB2 MJS2 MXP3 MXPB MJP4 MJPB PAX OF XFP CCA CGC (MACH4 Breezie Micah's Masterpiece UDX4 GO MXC2 MJC2 MXP MJP ADHF CCA CGC x Maurgold Clark Aureate Nessa UDX PCD PCDX PUTD BN GN GO VER NA OAJ OD CGC CCA) was born on November 24, 2006 and was bred by the owner. She died of splenic hemangiosarcoma on June 2, 2017. She earned her CD on October 14, 2007, at 11 months and her CDX on November 1, 2008, at 23 months. She earned her GO (Graduate Open title) on January 30, 2009, at 26 months, her UD title on April 25, 2009, at 29 months, her NA and NAJ in September, 2009, her OAJ and OA on February 27 and 28, 2010, her AXJ March 6, 2010, her AX May 9, 2010 at our local trial, and her CCA October 25, 2009, in Enid, OK, at the GRCA National Specialty. She earned her VER, UDX, and UDX2 in 2011 before her fifth birthday.
Owner: Elinor Posey

Stones Bailey Crossing NAP, NJP, CGC - Shetland Sheepdog
Dog Picture Bailey came to us in April 1998 at age 1 1/2 with the help of Maryland Sheltie Rescue. We were his fourth home in that brief time. He had been abused in at least two of the homes and because of this had many behavior problems. Since then, he has completed several obedience and agility classes and is currently enrolled in intermediate agility at HOTC. He loves agility, fetching the tennis ball, and playing with his sister, Holly.
Owner: Stacey Stone

Preston's Cat Ballou NA, NAJ - Flat-coated retriever
Dog Picture
Owner: Jeannie Preston

Topbrass Princess Rebecca UD, TD, WC
- Golden Retriever
Photo not available. Becky/ UD November 1985/ TD November 1983
Owner: Kathy Prince

Bleu Boy II CDX - Chow Chow
Dog Picture Bleu is a blue male Chow.. He started training in 1988 and had completed his CDX in mid 1991. He placed each time he was shown; in fact, he took 1st place with a 196 the first time in the Novice ring. He is retired now and is master of the Boyles home! Bleu is a blue male Chow.. He started training in 1988 and had completed his CDX in mid 1991. He placed each time he was shown; in fact, he took 1st place with a 196 the first time in the Novice ring. He is retired now and is master of the Boyles home!
Owner: Jimmie Boyles

Ch. Blizzard UD, TD, JH, WCX -
Flat-Coated Retriever
Dog Picture UD 1985
Owner: Joyce Rupert

Sleepy Creek's Big Boomer CD, RAE, MX, MXJ, FDCh Gold - German Shorthaired Pointer
Photo not available. Boomer CD, RAE,MX,MXJ,FDCh-G
Owner: Sheri Fastenrath

Bosconian vom Grunenfeld CGC
- German Shepherd Dog
Dog Picture Bosco is my first GSD, and he has taught me alot about dogs. He enjoys obedience, and has also dabbled in Schutzhund and Agility in the past. His favorite pastimes are playing fetch with a tennis ball and playing rough with his sister.
Owner: Vera Childs

Brandy UD - Standard Poodle
Photo not available.
Owner: Kathy Prince

OTCH, MACH2 Banker's Preferred Stock
VCD2, UDX, MXP, MJP - Golden Retriever
Dog Picture Broker - OTCH MACH2 Banker's Preferred Stock VCD2 UDX MXP MJP OBHF ADHF (8/13/1996-4/2/2007)
Owner: Crystal Ferraiuolo

Bailey's Casper HOTC CDX, CGC, FMX - American Bulldog
Dog Picture Casper (Bailey's Casper, CGC, HOTC CDX, FMX, PD1) is our first American Bulldog. He was born on Oct. 7, 1998. Our lives haven't been the same since. He is a sweetheart of a dog who has been going to HOTC since he was 3 1/2 months old. Casper enjoys Agility & Flyball. Casper is the first American Bulldog to earn his Flyball Master. Casper may be our first AB, but he is definitely not our last.
Owner: Chrissy Barribeau

Can. CH Quiche's Stolen Moments
CD, AX, MXJ, NAP, NJP, FDCh, TT - Bouvier des Flandres
Dog Picture Can. CH "Chauka" CD AX MXJ NAP NJP FDCh TT VBCH - (pronounced Shaw-kah) was born Feb. 6, 1994 and died on Sept. 11, 2004. It seems like almost every Bouvier is named "Bear" and Chauka is no exception. I am told that "Chauka" means "little bear" in a Canadian Indian language. Her registered name is significant as she was literally "stolen" from her breeder. She was traced and returned to her breeder because of her tattoo. She is now microchipped. She loves Agility and Flyball and stuffed toys. She is one of only two Bouviers as of this writing to earn both an MXJ and a FDCH.
Owner: Carrie Keith

Prince Connor of Sandyhill UD, MX, MXJ - Golden Retriever
Dog Picture Connor (7/19/1991-6/6/2005) was the first HOTC dog to earn an MX.
Owner: Kathy Prince

ONYX Quiche's Dixieland Circle Of Life
RE, CDX, NA, NAJ - Bouvier des Flandres
Dog Picture 'Cymba', was born in October 2003 and died March 20, 2011. As a puppy, he looked just like a little lion cub: golden brown with black tips to his puppy fur. We got Cymba after losing our beloved 'Nash' who was also fawn. For this reason his name 'Circle of Life' has special meaning to us. He is quite intense and different from my other laid back Bouviers. From Fall through Spring we are busy in the South and the rest of the year he is at Flyball tournaments in Canada. Cymba is the very first Bouvier to earn an FMCH (flyball master champion title) and the first to ever earn an ONYX (20,000 points). Quiche's Dixieland Circle of Life, RE, CDX, HIC, NAJ, NA, ONYX
Owner: Carrie Keith

Taylormade Haberdasher CDX, MX, MXJ, AAD - Shetland Sheepdog
Dog Picture Taylormade Haberdasher CDX MX MXJ HS HIAs AAD HTD-IIId HTD-IIs HRD-IIIs (5/16/95 - 7/21/02) - Dash was the dog that taught me the most about training. Dash excelled at all the activities we participated in and had remarkable accomplishments in his short life. Dash was my first MX/MXJ and AAD dog in Agility. He was not particularly fast but very steady and consistent. Dash was most at home in the pastures and farms doing his herding work. Dash was Alabama's first Sheltie to complete the AKCs HIAs. He also reached the top levels in AHBA registry gaining points towards his Championship. Dash was always by my side ready to help with lessons or learn more himself. Dash and I were quite the team mates any time we entered the arena or pasture.
Owner: Daniel Jett

Ch. Thorcourt's Dixieland Destiny OAP, NJP - Bouvier des Flandres
Dog Picture Destiny, February 13, 2001 - September 25, 2014, was owner handled to her AKC Championship and also earned her Herding Instinct Certificate.
Owner: Carrie Keith

MACH2 TRAGOB Princess Diva UD - Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Dog Picture
Owner: Kathy Prince

Ch. Dixie the Gray Ghost UD, TD, TT, TDI - Bouvier des Flandres
Dog Picture Ch. Dixie UD TD TT TDI VBCH was born in Sept 81 and died in Aug 92.
Owner: Carrie Keith

Sherna's Disco Doll UD - Miniature Poodle
Photo not available. Dolly
Owner: Norman Tidwell

OTCH Dewan's Midsummer Dream of MAB - Miniature Poodle
Dog Picture Dream
Owner: Mary Ann Tidwell

McDuff of Deveron CDX, AX, AXJ, AD, TT, TDI - Shetland Sheepdog
Dog Picture McDuff of Deveron CDX AX AXJ HS AD HTD-IIds HRD-IIs TT TDI (7/21/87 - 7/31/02) - Duffy was my first dog and first Sheltie. He introduced me to many of the dog-related activities I continue with today. Duffy showed me all the things a Sheltie could do. Duffy got a late start in life in training but achieved many things and was actively competing in Herding and Agility at 14 ½ yrs old. Duffy got two legs towards his UD and was the first Sheltie in Alabama to get a qualifying score in the AKC Herding Intermediate class. Duffy loved Agility and Herding and was accomplished in both venues. Duffy was full of life and always fun to be around as well as fun to show. Duffy was the best "first dog" you could ever have wanted.
Owner: Daniel Jett

Maurgold's Poet of Laugharne
UDX3, MX, MXJ, AXP, AJP, CGC - Golden Retriever
Dog Picture Dylan (CH Clark's Remington Rifle CD x Maurgold Clark's Melody) was born June 18, 1996 and died of cancer April 10, 2007, likely from a blood clot to the brain, probably hemangiosarcoma. Dylan was from the Connecticut breeder who bred Jade and Rhett, my first two Goldens. He was Rhett's great nephew and Jade's great, great nephew. Dylan was trained in obedience, agility, and field work. As a young dog, Dylan loved jumping on Trys in the pool and playing in the mud or swimming in the lake. He enjoyed retrieving bumpers or game birds like pigeons or ducks but most of all he wanted to be with his humans.
Owner: Elinor Posey

Regent Fair Kona Isle (Freki) CD HSAds HIAd RATN CGC FDC TKN - Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Dog Picture Freki was born on June 15, 2006 to fellow HOTC member bitch Windermere’s Tale of a Twister, bred by Heidi Spradling. Heidi sponsored me to join HOTC. Freki was my first dog, and he became my post-retirement project. I was determined to have a well-behaved dog, starting Freki in Puppy Classes with my ultimate goal to earn a CGC. This Freki did at 10 months old. We took him to the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association national show and, on a lark, put him into their Herding Instinct Test. He took to it immediately, settling into herding the sheep without any puppy antics of chasing or losing focus. I was told Freki was “the dog of a lifetime” with many owners coming to me asking about breeding to Freki. As a neutered dog, that door was closed. But we began taking herding workshops and began trialing, earning Started titles in both sheep and ducks; and eventually the Intermediate title in ducks. His other titles were in Obedience, Barn Hunt, Farm Dog and Trick Dog. In all, 8 titles over 5 disciplines. But titles aside, I was privileged to have Freki in my life for 15 ½ years. He was never an adoring cuddle bug, instead preferring vigorous work or play. Yet he never left my side while awake, nor my feet while asleep. And when I would leave on trips, Freki kept a vigil at the door leading to our garage for weeks at a time. He is sorely missed. 6/15/2006 – 1/11/2022.
Owner: Lynn Boen

Dixielands Gentle Gester CDX, AX, AXJ, OJP, RE - Bouvier des Flandres
Dog Picture Gester CDX,AX,AXJ,OJP,RE,HIC is a phenomenal dog not only in size but in heart. He was a freebie in the newspaper at just over a year old. Doing Bouvier rescue at that time, I took him in and placed him in a wonderful home. His zest for life and need for a purpose brought him back to me at age 5 years. He is so willing to please, he makes training easy. He is very much the clown and since his lineage supposedly takes him back to a well-known Bouvier named Beau Geste, I just had to name him Gester. He is so much fun to watch because he is always happy.
Owner: Carrie Keith

Ch. Aabest Rock of Gibraltar CD, AX, OAJ -
Portuguese Water Dog
Dog Picture Gibraltar spent his first four years with David Richards. He trained him and did therapy work with him. Mostly, he loved and cared for him. When David's circumstances changed, "G" as we call him, was returned to me, his breeder. He lives with his sister Raisin, half sister Tuna, and nephew Mykey, all Portuguese Water Dogs, plus seven cats and numerous farm animals. His current favorite activity is lying belly up on the couch with his head in your lap!
Owner: Ellen Allen

Gus NA, NAJ, CGC - Australian Shepherd
Dog Picture
Owner: Richard Lamb and Sandy Lamb

Ch. Albions Round One Knockout
UD, OA, CGC - Flat-Coated Retriever
Dog Picture Hannah
Owner: Joyce Rupert

Articdawn's Holiday Holly CD, RN, MX, MXJ - Alaskan Malamute
Dog Picture Articdawn's Holiday Holly CD RN MX MXJ FN
9/16/04 - 6/01/11
Holly was just one leg short from her Open title. She was a good obedience dog, much better than agility. She was retired from agility due to a back problem. She was always so happy and funny.
Owner: Mary Jo Marotta and Jerry Marotta

Brenda's Little Bit of Honey
- Golden Retriever
Dog Picture Honey is my first Golden Retriever and I'm sure not my last. She has been a joy to train in obedience and agility. She learns quickly and enjoys all aspects of her training. In June 1999, she and Brenda attended Camp Gone to the Dogs in Marlboro, Vermont where she received her TDI (Therapy Dog International). She has been to a nursing home since 8 weeks old, delighting the residents.
Owner: Brenda Murray

Ch. Meandu Sunlight At Windridge AX, AXJ, AXP
- Rhodesian Ridgeback
Dog Picture Honey is Ch Meandu Sunlight At Windridge AX, AXJ, MXP2, AXP (3/11/98 - 11/24/08).
Owner: Bruce Plaiss and Barbara Plaiss

OTCH Dwalin Heartbeat of America UDX7 - Shetland Sheepdog
Dog Picture IROC is one of those "once in a lifetime" dogs. He was always a joy to live with, a joy to be friends with, and a joy to show. He will live in my heart forever. IROC's life - 8/27/96 - 4/03/06
Owner: Linda Hall

Maurgold's Aureate Jade UD, CGC, TT
- Golden Retriever
Dog Picture Jade (AM/CAN CH Jolly Jack Daniels x Clark's Totoket Jasmine CDX, WC) was my first golden and my first obedience dog. She was always such a good girl, except for one day when she began destroying the laundry room floor. She always tried very hard to please me and she loved her social outings as she viewed going to class. She hated competing in obedience trials in regular classes though, although she thought that competing in Brace with Rhett and her dad Tom was lots of fun. Jade was born February 27, 1983 and died July 13, 1995, of hemangiosarcoma, following a splenectomy and one fatal chemo treatment.
Owner: Elinor Posey

Crowdabout Man About Town UDX GN GO RN - Border Collie
Dog Picture Jay-Jay will be missed. - February 11, 2007 - October 28, 2015
Owner: Linda and Carl Hall

Ch. Windridge Impressive Moment
AX, OAJ, TT, CGC - Rhodesian Ridgeback
Dog Picture Ch Windridge Impressive Moment, CGC, AX, OAJ, TT (Jessie)(Waiting at the rainbow bridge)
Owner: Bruce Plaiss and Barbara Plaiss

Himark's Chase N Fame CDX - Shetland Sheepdog
Dog Picture Jet was sweet and loving, and we will miss her very much. - May 11, 2000 - April 3, 2015
Owner: Linda and Carl Hall

Ch. King Ridge's Absolute Power
CDX, RE, NA, AXJ, CGC - Rottweiler
Dog Picture Justice was born April 16, 2001 to Dad, BIS CH Steinplatz Ageless Petra, CD and Mom, CH Annihaus Halston Hussy. He is OFA Excellent with clear elbows, heart, eyes, normal thyroid and is VWD negative. He comes from four generations with similar health clearances, a rare thing in Rottweilers. His soundness and the working drive he inherited from his grandparents have made him a wonderful boy to work with! He's had to carry us, his novice owners thru every step of Agility, which is his true love... next to his Daddy.
Owner: Herman Fitzgerald and Beth Fitzgerald

Kronos De Kafka CD, CGC - Giant Schnauzer
Dog Picture Date of whelping was April 18, 1995. Kafka is tall, dark and handsome! But, since judges do not award points for doggy smiles and looks in obedience trials, I am stepping up my efforts in Novice class to earn a CD with the hopes to eventually join the ranks of the many famous and titled dogs of H.O.T.C.
Owner: Helga Early

Northlight Emerald Treasure
- Shetland Sheepdog
Dog Picture Kelly CD RE MX MXJ HXAs MAD HTD-IIs HTD-IIId HRD-IIIs HTAD-Id FDCh-G HXAd OF FM TDI .... My pups have achieved the highest levels for Shelties in Alabama over the past years. The Advanced Herding Title on Sheep, HXAs, is the top level in the AKCs herding program and stands for Herding Advanced; Course: A, Stock: Sheep. Kelly is the first Sheltie in Alabama ever to achieve this title. The other titles are from the American Herding Breed Association (AHBA). It is a very popular registry for herding/stock dog activities just like USDAA and NADAC are in Agility. - The "HTD" stands for Herding Trial Dog. - The "HRD" stands for Herding Ranch Dog. - The "-I or -II or -III" stands for the level (-III being the highest) - The suffix "s" or "d: stands for the type of stock (s for sheep and d for ducks)
Died 11/14/11 at 11 1/2 years of age.
Owner: Daniel Jett

Eis Haus Voodoo RN, AX, AXJ, OAP, AJP, CGC
- Rottweiler
Dog Picture Lacie Boo whelped on 8/16/2004, died on May 4, 2011, was the daughter of Top Ten BISS Am/Can CH Trinity Gamegard's Sudden Impact PT, RN, BH, CS, TT, CGC and CH Von Drivers Canyon Blaster. OFA Good, with normal elbows, cardiac and eyes and has four generations of health clearances behind her. Her soundness and working drive have made this little girl a pleasure to train.
Owner: Herman Fitzgerald and Beth Fitzgerald

Aureate Maurgold Invernesshire UDX, PCD, GN, PCDX, GO, PUTD, VER, AX, MXJ, CGC - Golden Retriever
Dog Picture Limey UDX PCD GN GO VER PCDX OA AXJ CCA CGC (MACH4 Breezie Micah's Masterpiece UDX4 GO MXC2 MJC2 MXP MJP ADHF CCA CGC x Maurgold Clark Aureate Nessa UDX PCD GN PCDX GO PUDT VER NA OAJ OD CGC) was born on November 24, 2006 and was bred by the owner. He earned his CD at 11 months on November 4, 2007, his CDX on August 23, 2008, the day before he was 21 months old, his GO at 31 months on July 5, 2009, and his CCA October 25, 2009, in Enid, OK, at the GRCA National Specialty where he also won 1st place in Utility A obedience. He earned his UD on January 30, 2010, and his NAJ on January 31, 2010.
Limey died on July 29, 2014, of cardiac hemangiosarcoma at the age of seven years, eight months.
Owner: Elinor Posey

Cedarwind Lucibelle CD, OA, NAJ - Papillon
Dog Picture Lucibelle is currently participating in obedience and agility. She also visits nursing homes with Ali, Patti, Tinkerbelle, and Amber
Owner: Earl Anderson and Vivian Anderson

Lucy UD - Border Collie
Photo not available.
Owner: Kathy Prince

OTCH Dewan's Midnight Madness of MAB
- Miniature Poodle
Dog Picture M
Owner: Mary Ann Tidwell

Ch. Calico's Stuck With You CDX, OA, NAJ, CGC
- Field Spaniel
Dog Picture In ever loving memory of Mallorie- Ch Calico's Stuck With You CDX OA NAJ- HOF........... June 7, 1993-April 20, 2006........... Mallorie has been like a dream to me. Aside from being my best friend, she has done more in performance events than I have ever thought. She is currently training for Utility and I hope to start showing in the near future. She has also managed to earn a couple of agility titles with little training and dedication from me.
Owner: Kristy Hill

MACH2 Aureate Maurgold Micah's Magic UDX, GO, VER, MXG, MJC, CCA, ADHF, CGC - Golden Retriever
Dog Picture MACH2 Merlin UDX GO VER MXG MJC CCA ADHF CGC (MACH4 Breezie Micah's Masterpiece UDX4 GO MXC2 MJC2 MXP MJP ADHF CCA CGC x Maurgold Clark Aureate Nessa UDX PCD GN PCDX GO VER PUTD NA OAJ OD CGC) was born on November 24, 2006 and was bred by the owners. He earned his CGC June 25, 2007 at 7 months, his CD August 24, 2007 by 9 months, his CDX July 19, 2008 by 20 months, his NA August 3, 2008 at 20 months, his NAJ August 1, 2008 at 20 months, his CCA on September 25, 2008, at 22 months at the GRCA National Specialty in Warwick, RI, his OAJ November 22, 2008 by 24 months, his OA February 22, 2009 by 27 months, his AXJ March 21, 2009 by 28 months, his MXJ in September, 2009, at nearly 34 months, his GO in December, 2009, at 3 years, his MX March 12, 2011, and his ADHF July 16, 2011, at 4 years 7.5 months. Merlin died on August 20, 2014, of cardiac hemangiosarcoma at the age of seven years, nine months.
Owner: Tom Johns and Elinor Posey

Merrie CD, CGC - Border Collie
Dog Picture Merrie is a five year old black and white Border Collie who absolutely lives up to her name. Life for her is a ball - never dull or boring and training her is always fun. Having her CD, and now working in open, she is one of those intense and focused border collies, though not always "intense" about what her owner is "focused" on. Merrie is well known patroling the beach at Gulf Shores looking for someone to throw her ball and give her an excuse to go swimming.!!
Owner: Marilyn Heinisch

MACH4 Breezie Micah's Masterpiece
UDX4, GO, MXP, MJP, CGC - Golden Retriever
Dog Picture MACH4 Micah UDX4 GO MXP MJP ADHF CCA CGC (Am & Can Ch Clark's Micah Angelo CDX x Breezie Clark Olympic Gold) was born October 1, 1998, and died August 11, 2011 from nasal squamous cell carcinoma. His breeders are Michael Artim, Breezewood Golden Retrievers, Lenhartsville, PA, and Thomas Touhsaent and Jessica Touhsaent, Olympic Golden Retrievers, Mertztown, PA. He was a half brother to my second Golden, Rhett, who was born in 1985. Their father Micah died in 1995, just a few months after Rhett. Tom Johns trained and showed him in obedience and agility.
Owner: Elinor Posey

Meadowpond Dixie's Mindy Girl CD, MX, AXJ, CGC - Golden Retriever
Dog Picture "Mindy" was actually my mothers dog. She is the sweetest golden, with the most expressive brown eyes. She has a unique personality, quite shy as well as wild and destructive, so we decided I needed to occupy her time with Obedience and Agility. Agility is giving her confidence for the Obedience ring. Her destructive behavior has all but come to a halt (my mother should have had a forest for all the trees she destroyed). Mindy completed her CD on March 10, 1997.
Owner: Terri Campbell

Nashville Minnie CDX RE MX MXP MXJ MJP OF THD - Boykin Spaniel
Dog Picture Minnie - CDX RE MX MXP MXJ MJP OF THD

Owner: Heber Norckauer

Ch. Southridge's Molly Be Good CDX, OA, OAJ, CGC, ROM, VC
- Rhodesian Ridgeback
Dog Picture Molly was born Feb 13, 1992. She earned her titles/rankings as follows:
Aug 1994 - AKC Champion
Mar 1994 - CD
Jun 1994 - CGC
July 1996 - CDX
May 1998 - NA
Feb 1999 - OA
Apr 1999 - NAJ
Aug 1999 - ROM - Register of Merit - Rodesian Ridgeback Club of the US Award
Aug 1999 - VC - Versatility Dog - Rodesian Ridgeback Club of the US Award
1994 #2 Novice and #6 overall Obedience Ridgeback
1996 #4 Open and #9 overall Obedience Ridgeback
1997 #3 Open and #8 overall Obedience Ridgeback
May 1996 2nd place in Open Class at the Ridgeback Nationals
July 1998 3rd place in Open Class at the Ridgeback Nationals
#7 Ridgeback in 1994 per Front and Finish (Delaney System)
#3 Ridgeback in 1997 per Front and Finish (Delaney System)
#8 Ridgeback in 1st half of 1999 in Agility
Owner: Bruce Plaiss and Barbara Plaiss

Mozart's Black Rapsody CDX, MX, MXJ, CGC - Rottweiler
Dog Picture Mozart - Ya gotta love 'em. He is the sweetest yet most hardheaded Rottweiler in Alabama. Mozart's Black Rapsody is almost five years old now. Unlike his kennel-mate, Sable, he really gets into his obedience work. He does not do all that well but he sure enjoys doing it. I guess that's why it took him three years of training to finally get his CD title, which still included a fourth place finish and two Best Working Dog awards for Novice A Competition in only three attempts. His CDX training is going well. Agility is also a love of Mozart. At the beginning, however, he was reluctant to perform at any trial except at his home field. This has passed and he has successfully completed his NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ and AX Standard class titling, even a couple of first place finishes with two clean runs for his MX title (and 18 MACH points), all this since the end of October 1998. Mozart is a cold weather comprtitor. Look out when the Frost is on the pumpkin.
Owner: Jerry Marotta

Murphy's Golden Harvest CD, AX, NAC, TT, TDI - Shetland Sheepdog
Dog Picture Murphy's Golden Harvest CD AX HT HCTs NAC TT TDI (5/20/89 - 12/28/98) - Murphy was my second Sheltie and was best friends to my first Sheltie, Duffy. Murphy liked Agility the best but also participated in Obedience and Herding and received titles in those venues. Murphy was always willing to please me and try something new. Murphy has the distinction of being Alabama's very first OA and AX dog of any breed as well as the first NADAC titled dog in Alabama.
Owner: Daniel Jett

Maurgold Clark Aureate Nessa UDX PCD PCDX PUTD BN GN GO VER NA OAJ OD CCA CGC - Golden Retriever
Dog Picture Nessa UDX PCD PCDX PUTD BN GN GO VER NA OAJ OD CCA CGC (Belhaven's Anything Goes UD, JH, WC, CGC, VC, OS x Maurgold Clark's Abbydabbydoo) was born on April 20, 2004 and died on January 21, 2018. She is my Dylan's niece and she was a great dog as was he. She was an absolutely great mother to her litter of ten puppies, three of whom made her an Outstanding Dam by obtaining major titles in obedience and agility. She has 8 PUDX legs.
Owner: Elinor Posey and Maureen Dabrowski

Daktari Apogee Asia Midinette UD - Miniature Poodle
Dog Picture
Owner: Mary Ann Tidwell and Norman Tidwell

Ch. SHAMRK's Kiss the Girls CD, RE, CGC - Rottweiler
Dog Picture When Nic was born on June 16, 2005 I could not take my eyes off of him. He is the "Apple of My Eye" and just a wee bit spoiled, but never fails to try what ever I ask of him. Named after a Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd movie, Nic tries to live up to his name at every opportunity. Nic was raised by the members of HOTC and they continue to shape his future as he begins work toward his CDX and trains in agility.
Nic died on July 1, 2010.
Owner: Herman Fitzgerald and Beth Fitzgerald

Nikita Heart of the Sunrise RN, NJP, HOTC CD, CGC - Lab/Chow Mixed Breed
Dog Picture I found Nyki (RN,HOTC CD, HOTC RN, NJP, CGC) at a gas station in Limestone County when she was about 6 months old. I gave her to a friend with the assumption that I would eventually take her back. For the next 3 years she lived a relatively undisciplined life as a bully to the other dogs in the household, an escape artist, and an overweight couch potato. This was a dog who needed a new career! When I took her back she first became a companion for my much older Lab mix (he put her in her place!) and then eventually a student at HOTC. Nyki was in a Novice agility class and earned her NJP at age 13. She died on 10/27/12 at age 15 but was still competing in agility and rally trials earlier in the year.
Owner: Patti O'Toole

Himark's Surf's Up CD RN - Shetland Sheepdog
Photo not available. Ocean (10/2/02 - 11/24/15) was the daughter of OTCH Iroc. She did not suffer and went in her sleep.
Owner: Linda Hall and Carl Hall

OTCH, MACH Topbrass Princess Pansy UDX3 - Golden Retriever
Photo not available. On Saturday, July 31, 2004, at HOTCs Obedience Trial, Pansy won Utility B with a 197 and Open B with a 196.5 going High In Trial and High Combined. This was Pansys 8th UDX leg and two of the three first places needed for her OTCH. She earned a total of 24 OTCH points. On Sunday at HOTC she received 4 more points, second in Open B and her 9th UDX leg. At the Sawnee Mountain KC on August 20, Pansy finished her UDX with another High Combined and 24 points including a Utility B win, giving her all the first places she needed for her OTCH. She earned both her OTCh and UDX2 in Jackson, Mississippi, in January, 2005. On June 16, 2006, she earned her UDX3 in Murfreesboro and on August 20, 2006, she earned her MACH in Hattiesburg.
Owner: Kathy Prince

Ch. Cedarwind Cakewalk Patti UD - Papillon
Dog Picture Though Patti is finished with obedience classes, every Friday morning she and our other dogs head out to one, two, or three nursing homes (thirteen different nursing homes in all) to show off her talents in obedience exercises and tricks, followed by lap time, petting, etc. Besides nursing homes, they also visit schools, churches, and any requests we get. Patti, the oldest, started when she was 7 weeks old and is still a crowd pleaser.
Owner: Earl Anderson and Vivian Anderson

Ch., MACH Pairodocs Pixie Dust Of Tragob
CDX, RE, NAP, NJP, NF - Border Collie
Photo not available.
Owner: Kathy Prince

Ch. Please UD, TD, JH, WCX - Flat-Coated Retriever
Photo not available. UD 1990
Owner: Joyce Rupert

Rehab's Praise OA, OAJ, NAP, NJP, TT, CGC
- Bouvier des Flandres
Dog Picture "R'ecca" OA,OAJ,NAP,NJP,TT,CGC,HIC, September 5, 1992 - Dec 5, 2006, was a creme fawn Bouvier with natural ears - yes, they can be this color, but they spark a lot of debate about the standard. I call her my Tennessee Polar Bear. She was credited with over 150 hours in less than six months of service in the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs program visiting nursing homes in Canada. She LOVES people and FOOD is her driving passion. She started obedience and agility late in life (she was already four when I got her), but she loves it all and with unequalled enthusiasm! But for now she is enjoying a much deserved retirement. Recca has a Versatility Bouvier Excellent title now.
Owner: Carrie Keith

Ch. Aabest Raisin a Ruckus CD, MX, AXJ - Portuguse Water Dog
Dog Picture Raisin is very special to me. She finished her championship from the Bred-by-Exhibitor class over specials at 10 months of age. Completed her CD from Novice B class at 3 trials with scores in the 190's. (She's my third generation of obedience titlists.) Raisin has incredible talent in the water, the whepling box and as a promising agility dog! She's a take anywhere, do anything dog, and I couldn't ask for more! (DOB: 1/24/91)
Owner: Ellen Allen

Crazy R's Rascal J Sandifur
CDX, MX, MXJ, NJC, NAC, OGC - Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Dog Picture
Owner: Janice Shavor

Morelli's Ruff-N-Reddy UD, OA, NAJ, CGC
- Australian Shepherd
Dog Picture Red is one of those once in a lifetime dogs and I was lucky enough to be the one to take him home. He is very intelligent and game to do whatever I throw his way -- the conformation ring, obedience, agility, herding, etc. He always looks to me like he's saying "What else Mom?". He goes everywhere with me, work, bank, drive-in movies, and always impresses people with his good behavior and fun tricks. He loves to perform. He has proven himself as a breeder in passing his great genes on to his puppies. He is a joy to have as part of our family. (9/29/91-2/4/08)
Owner: Terece Morelli

Maurgold's Aureate Rhett CDX, CGC, TT
- Golden Retriever
Dog Picture Rhett was the love of my life and my second Maurgold golden from my friend Maureen in Marlborough, Connecticut. Jade, my first golden, and Rhett's mother Sara (Maurgold's Spring Serenade CD) were littermates. Maureen bred Sara to her champion golden Micah (Am/Can Ch Clark's Micah Angelo CDX) and I was lucky enough to get one of the two puppies in the litter. I always had thought Micah was absolutely beautiful with a fantastic personality and I was very fortunate that Rhett turned out to have both Micah's personality as well as his beautiful head. Rhett was born March 11, 1985 and died February 11, 1995 of hemangiosarcoma, following a splenectomy.
Owner: Elinor Posey

MACH6 Shamrock Acres Timothy Riley CD, AD - Labrador Retriever
Dog Picture MACH 6 Riley is the first dog at HOTC to earn an MXJ title.
Owner: Barry Hall

Mariad's Gulf Breeze CDX, RE, OA, OAJ - German Short-haired Pointer
Dog Picture Ripley. Born April 18, 1999, passed July 6, 2015 She was so named because as a new born she was totally white and different from the other pups. She looked like an ‘ALIEN’. She was my first agility dog and I knew nothing about training a running bird dog. But we had our moments and she was fun. She earned her CDX, RE, and a few AX titles. She as most bird dogs was a free spirit and loved to run once out in the field. She is missed very much. Owned and trained by : Nikki Mosley
Owner: Nikki Mosley

MACH2 Canuck's Sugah-N-Spice
- Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Dog Picture
Owner: Janice Shavor

Asgard's Rowdy Boy CD, NA, NAJ - Alaskan Malamute
Dog Picture Rowdy - Boy is he ever named correctly. He has been a terror around the house. Rowdy, at the ripe old age of 18 months, loves to ruff-house at a moment's notice and is the most cuddly dog you will meet. He has earned his CGC and currently is in novice class for his CD title. Like his big brother Mozart, Rowdy loves obedience work; well except for sits 'n downs which are just too boring to suit him. Rowdy has also shown an interest in agility. We will see in January 2000 when he goes to his first agility trial.
Owner: Jerry Marotta and Mary Jo Marotta

Skye's Rumor Has It CDX, CGC - Border Collie
Dog Picture "Rue" is a three year old female, liver tri-color Border Collie who is really into hugs and kisses. We special ordered her from Catherine Mills in Asheville, NC and she really filled the order.She got her CD in November '96 and we hope to get the X in Fall '97. Her favorite sport is fishing and she loves running on the beach and playing with her best toy, a small rubber ball with a bell in it. She is trying hard in Agility and will do well when her Mom can remember the course!!!
Owner: Marilyn Heinisch

Rusty AMBOR CDX, CGC - Chow Mix
Dog Picture Rusty was adopted from the Huntsville Humane Society in 1990 and earned his CDX in March 1995. Rusty is retired from training. Rusty is such a sweet and loving dog to me and a few select people. The rest of the folks he just ignores.. He is such a mama's boy. He is very obedient and patient, especially with the terrorist (Min. Schnauzers Shadow and Maggie) that constantly give him a hard time. Rus is an absolutely wonderful dog with a soft heart. I'm honored that he made the effort to win my heart that day at the Humane Society.
Owner: Karen Paulukaitis

MACH Mozart's Sable Symphony UD, NAP, CGC
- Alaskan Malamute
Dog Picture Sable was born on a mountaintop in Tennessee Nov 11, 1995. She was eighth in a litter of nine. Sable always was a good pupil in obedience classes but she fell in love with agility. It was love at first sight. Her outstanding performances in agility have ranked her as the Best Alaskan Malamute across the United States in both the Excellent and Open classes for 1998, and the best in the Open JWW class for 1999, according to Front and Finish Magazine. Her points totals are virtually twice the amount of the number two ranked dogs in both classes. Sable is the 1st Alaskan Malamute to earn an AX and MX title!
Sable died on July 2, 2010, at 14 years, 8 months.
Owner: Mary Jo Marotta and Jerry Marotta

Sadie CD, CGC - Brittany
Dog Picture
Owner: David Ely

OTCH Powderhorn's Princess Sara UD, AX, AXJ, TD
- Golden Retriever
Dog Picture OTCH Sara UDT AX AXJ OBHF (8/30/1987-1/14/2004) Sara earned her CD in Apr 89, CDX in Mar 90, UD in Nov 90, and OTCH in Dec 91. Sara has competed in the Cycle Classic and has appeared and won on That's My Dog. Sara was the first HOTC dog to earn an AX and AXJ title.
Owner: Kathy Prince

Harvard's Midnight Patrol CDX, RN, NA, NAJ, JH - Labrador Retriever
Dog Picture Scout. Born January 24, 2003, passed June 29, 2015. He was a one of a kind Labrador, never gave up on a downed bird. Since 9 weeks old, he was in over drive. Fun and frustrating at the same time. He earned his Junior hunter title at 3yrs old. Taught me a lot about what not to do in training a high drive dog in agility. He did love to run in agility, not always the way I was going though. But he did not like training or competing in obedience trials, because it was boring to him. I believe he took the record (or maybe not) in earning a CDX, 25 tries. He needed to be moving fast all the time, could not sit still for the group stays. He is also very much missed. Owned and trained by: Nikki Mosley
Owner: Nikki Mosley

Preston's Little Buddy Scruf NAJ
- English Springer Spaniel
Dog Picture Wild and Crazy, Happy Dog
Owner: Jeannie Preston

Sherwoods Seasaidh Moon Song
Curly Coated Retrievers
Dog Picture Seasaidh is (only AKC titles listed) Sherwoods Seasaidh Moon Song VCD1,RAE,TDX,NAP,NJP. The VCD1 title, Versatile Companion Dog 1, includes CD, NA, NAJ, and TD titles. June 2, 1998 - July 20, 2010
Owner: Marian Morris

Ch. Laze J's Dixieland Serenade OA, OAJ, RN
- Bouvier des Flandres
Dog Picture Laze J's Dixieland Serenade was born March 17, 2003. 'Sera' is 'R'ecca's' granddaughter. She is a very sweet and special girl. She LOVES to jump. Look for her in agility classes. Sera has both her AKC Championship as well as her Canadian Championship and also has earned her Herding Instinct Certificate.
Owner: Carrie Keith

AKEB's Only the Shadow Knows
- Miniature Schnauzer
Dog Picture 11/7/1994 - 4/28/2009
Shadow (a.k.a. Dogzilla) came to H.O.T.C. because he needed to learn how to deal with people touching and being near him (in a way other than biting and growling). Shadow's crowning achievements were earning his CGC title and wanting to socialize with most people. He was never a great obedience or agility dog; but as another trainer said, "Shadow needs to be measured not by how far he goes, but by how far he has come... and he has come a long way.". Shadow was ranked as the #10 Min. Schnauzer in Open Agility and #2 Min. Schnauzer in Novice JWW for 1998. Shadow retired from agility on May 2, 2004 with 15 double Q's and 385 points. He was always such a silly guy and did his best to please (when fear did not get in his way). We really do miss our little buddy.
Owner: Karen Paulukaitis

Shadow HOTC CD, CGC - Border Collie Mix
Dog Picture Shadow was adopted from the Huntsville Humane Society in 1994. She originally came to HOTC's beginner class because I was tired of being taken for a walk instead of the other way around. She also had a dog aggression problem and was shy with strangers. While she still has to be reminded who is in charge, she has emerged as my "good dog" and is no longer dog aggressive. Socialization and obedience have really turned her around. She serves as a demo dog in obedience classes and public functions and is currently in an open obedience class.
Owner: Cathy Palmer

Sheba NAC-V, PD I, CGC - Collie / Chow Mix
Dog Picture Sheba is a Collie/Chow mix adopted from a neighbor. She was very timid and fearful from birth. At one year old, she started in Beginner obedience classes and progressed through Sub-Novice and Novice classes. Now she is participating in agility and is headed to participate in some USDAA shows. HOTC obedience and agility classes have given her confidence and helped her personality to blossom into a totally different dog.
Owner: Brenda Murray

Shiloh Scotsman's Dream
- Labrador Retriever
Dog Picture Shiloh was born in September of 1996 and died on October 14, 2004. She is the first dog of Tina and Bill McAdam. Shiloh (Shy, for short) has a strong drive to learn and please. She earned her Junior Hunter (JH) in 1998, as well as her CGC. She’s Bill’s best hunting buddy, well heeled and traveled. She has hunted an average of 9 states with Bill and various human hunting buddies each year since 1998. She worked on agility and obedience titles with Tina until 2002 and is now enjoying semi-retirement and running in the occasional preferred agility trial. Shiloh has also received her TDI certification from Therapy Dog International and she enjoys visiting the elderly in both Alabama and Tennessee. She finished her 50th therapy dog visit at the end of 2003 and has received her TDIA certificate from Therapy Dog International.
Owner: Bill McAdam and Tina McAdam

Laurell's Sun Bear CDX - Golden Retriever
Dog Picture Spats (Laurell's Bad News Bear x Laurell's Whatatwat OD) was born 4/8/1982.
Owner: Janet Craig

MACH Aynsworth Moonstorm MJP, AXP, CGC, NJC, NGC, RN - Shetland Sheepdog
Dog Picture Stormy - Aynsworth Moonstorm MX, MXJ, MJP, AXP, NFP, RN, TNS-E, EJS, NADAC Open Versatility, PD1, PJ11 PK11, PS1, CGC - came into our lives at 7 months of age. He grew too tall for the comfirmation ring and will now be doing agility, obedience and tracking, but most of all being our darling little boy. He has a fabulous personality, plus is very smart catching onto new things. So we expect great things from him in the future.
Owner: Brenda Murray

Stormy CD, RA, AXP, AJP, CGC - Labrador Retriever
Dog Picture Stormy had been wandering the streets of Athens for many weeks, and was eventually captured by someone who left her tied up inside a shed. A good friend rescued her one "dark and stormy night" and went home with a dog who was literally afraid of everything except other dogs. It was a slow process, but Stormy eventually became comfortable with new people and surroundings. She is currently in an Excellent agility class and she thinks that school is FUN! Stormy also likes to swim, catch fish, and wrestle with her sister, Nyki.
Stormy died on 6/07/14.
Owner: Patti O'Toole

Brenda's Sugar and Spice CD, RN, CGC, TDI
- Golden Retriever
Dog Picture Sugar is my second golden and a sister to my first golden Honey. She was born May 1, 1999 in a litter of 15 when the vet wasn't sure if any of the puppies would be born alive and they were concerned the mother would not live also. However, the mother and all 15 puppies survived the birth. The breeder watched the litter and found me the bravest female. Sugar is a smart dog that was my demo dog for the beginner class I teach before she ever attended a class herself. I expect great things from her in obedience and agility.
Owner: Brenda Murray

Tattle UD - Doberman Pinscher
Dog Picture
Owner: Joyce Rupert

OTCH Shoreland's Tieho the Shooter
UDX3, JH, NA - Golden Retriever
Dog Picture GRCA Obedience Hall of Fame 1997
Owner: Masako Brannen

Ch. Saint Lazar's Mr Tikester CGC, CD, MX,
MXJ, NAP, NJP, NAC - Manchester Terrier
Dog Picture
Owner: Kelly Craig

Miss Royal Red UD, NA, NAJ - Pomeranian
Dog Picture Tinkerbell is finished with obedience classes, but is now participating in Agility. She also goes to nursing homes, schools, churches, and any other places that request us to show off her talents and tricks, followed by lap time, petting, etc. Tinkerbelle was the #6 Novice Pomeranian in Agility for 1998.
Owner: Earl Anderson and Vivian Anderson

Tipper CGC - Shetland Sheepdog
Dog Picture Tipper (1993? - April 4, 2006) came to us in April 2003 as a foster dog under the care of sheltie rescues in Alabama and Maryland, as well as North AL Herding Dog Rescue. She was turned into a Mississippi Shelter as a ten year old HW positive dog to be put down. We immediately fell in love with her and adopted her in December 2003. She is currently undergoing several holistic heartworm and heart repair treatments and is thought to be about only 6 years old. She is expected to outlive the heartworms. She is currently enrolled in obedience classes. Her favorite activities include chasing birds and squirrels, attacking fuzzy toys, and trying to steal food.
Owner: Stacey Stone

Titan UD - Doberman Pinscher
Dog Picture
Owner: Joyce Rupert

Stones Mackyntosh Mischief CGC - Shetland Sheepdog
Dog Picture Mackyntosh (2/18/98-12/20/05) was a present from my parents after I got married in March 1998. Weve had him since he was a puppy. Hes completed several obedience classes in Maryland and at HOTC. His favorite activity is fetching the ball in the backyard.
Owner: Stacey Stone

Himark's Heart 'n Soul UD - Shetland Sheepdog
Dog Picture T'Pau (12/20/01 - 2/20/08)
My sweet little girl. You left us way too soon. You will always be in our hearts. Linda & Carl Hall
Owner: Linda Hall and Carl Hall

Trisket UD - Shetland Sheepdog
Dog Picture
Owner: Joyce Rupert

Sunfire's Storm Trysail UDX, MX, MXJ, CGC
- Golden Retriever
Dog Picture Trys (OTCH Bargello's Ten on the Richter MH UDX TDX WCX HRCH U-CD x Sunfire Crystalite Skyfire JH CD WC) was born in West Suffield, Connecticut, on March 5, 1995 and died in Stowe, Vermont, on January 22, 2006. Her breeders were Mike Book and Barbara Biewer (Sunfire). Although Trys was titled in obedience and agility and was trained in field/hunting, she also loved being just my lapdog. She was very prey oriented and would have loved to be out there hunting her own birds, squirrels, and rabbits for dinner - she liked to sit in the doorway and watch them for hours while whimpering. On 3-5-2005, her 10th birthday, she earned the GRCA CCA (Certificate of Conformation Assessment) title. When she died, she had 46 Double Qs and 720 MACH Points of the 750 needed for a MACH title. She lacked only one placement in JWW for her GRCA Agility Dog Hall of Fame title.
Owner: Elinor Posey

O'Skot's Pot O' Gold OAP, OJP, CGC - Shetland Sheepdog
Dog Picture Tucker was born June 23, 1996. We've been owned by him since he was 7 weeks of age. What an incredible journey we've had with him! The puppy years and early adulthood years have flown by way too fast. He didn't start his performance in agility and obedience until he was 8 years of age. His work ethic has made this chapter the greatest experience we've ever had.
Owner: Chuck Park and Karen Park

Seabreeze Starkist of Aabest - Portuguese Water Dog
Dog Picture Tuna is one of three Portuguese Water Dogs I currently share my life with. She has taught me more about dog behavior than all her predecessors combined. Thank you my fish.
Owner: Ellen Allen

Taylor's Misty Tuxedo CD, NAJ, CGC - Lhasa Apso
Dog Picture "Tuxedo" (March 1993-February 2007) is the black sheep of the family. Not just due to his color. He is a holy terror. I thought we would kill each other before we got our CD. He was stubborn and hard headed. Training him has been a humbling experience. I started working Open but have not had the patience to continue. He is a wonderful spoiled lap dog at the moment.
Owner: Terri Campbell

Neidfyre Resolute Will OA, OAJ, CGC
- Scottish Terrier
Dog Picture March 1994 - May 30, 2006.... Will was named for Will Rogers because he never met a man...or woman...or child...or dog...or cat that he didn't like--he is sweet and friendly. He loves agility which he thinks is play, not work. He has earned twelve first placements for his twelve qualifying runs on his way to acquiring four AKC agility titles. Will is a certified therapy dog (Therapy Dogs International) and visits nursing homes, schools and children's camps.
Owner: Norma Lattimore

Wolf King CD, RN, CGC - Pomeranian
Dog Picture Wolf was born 10/9/95and died July 2010. He was a very small package full of energy, personality, and attitude. He started with the H.O.T.C puppy class and earned his CD in the Spring of 1998. We both enjoy "Doggie School" and are currently working toward our CDX title.
Owner: Carolyn Tichenor