Toy Dogs

Cedarwind Amberglo CDX, NA, NAJ - Papillon
Amber Amber is currently participating in obedience and agility. She also visits nursing homes with Ali, Patti, Tinkerbelle, and Lucibelle.
Owner: Earl Anderson and Vivian Anderson
BeauJangles NA, NAJ - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Owner: Deborah Baeder
Wye's Darlin Chelsea AX, AXJ, CGC - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Chelsea Chelsea was ranked the #7 AKC Novice Agility Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for 1998 and the #4 Cavalier nationally in Open JWW ('99 January - April). We are awaiting the remaining '99 and 2000 rankings due out by mid 2001. We expect Chelsea will have additional top 10 rankings, since she has a total of 11 first places, 5 second places and 3 third place scores from her limited number of entries. We hope to have a litter sometime this summer!
Owner: Carol Kimball
MACH Chloe VI CDX, RAE, NAP, NJP, NF - Papillon
Owner: Jody Cook
Ch., MACH Kc's Little Prissy Girl CD, NAC, CGC - Manchester Terrier
Owner: Kelly Craig
Sophie - Italian Greyhound
Owner: Lisa Greene
Wye's Velvet Victoria AX, OAJ - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Tori Tori titled in both Novice Standard and Novice JWW with all 6 first places. In Open Standard and Open JWW, she titled in both with a total of 5 first places and 1 second place. Tori already has her first leg toward Excellent Standard with a score of 100 and a first place. With this recor and her limited number of entries, we expect her to be top 10 ranked when the rankings are released by mid 2001 by Front and Finish.
Owner: Carol Kimball